About Toni Tested

This is what I do.

My name is Anton Šijanec. My co-worker once showed his personal blog about technology and said that I could do the same thing, to educate others about technology and all amazing things that could be done with computers. So here I am, writing a blog.

Personal details

I am a creative teenager from Slovenia. I still attend to school but I am also a good software and hardware developer. Basically I am a big geek. Everything related to technology sounds awesome to me and I want to discover and learn every single thing. In my free time I am also a rocket model creator, I make small rockets and compete with others on competitions. I am also a photographer, but nothing serious, just for a hobby. I like taking photos of nature, macro and stuff, but also long-exposure nightskies or lightnings. Give my Instagram a follow (-; You can follow me on social networks, links to me are down in the footer.

Technical details

Toni Tested is running on my own server in Slovenia. For educational purposes it is also accessible over Tor. The very awesome domain is TONITESTfNEWcmiy.onion but because of certificate issues you have to add an certificate exception to access it.